Understanding ThriveAbility – Join workshop 22-24 March in Perpignan, France


After a successful inaugural meeting of the ThriveAbility Consortium Core Team in London on February 8, A|HEAD|ahead is happy to announce the first 3-day ThriveAbility workshop in wonderful Chateau La Tour Apollinaire in Perpignan, taking place on March 22-24, organized together with 5Deep and Renaissance2, all founders of the ThriveAbility Consortium. This post can also be seen as an update to my earlier post on this topic (Embedding ThriveAbility) and has profoundly benefitted from the great experts that joined us in February.

Read more about this exciting seminar below or download the brochure:

Embedding ThriveAbility – Your Invitation

1) Understanding ThriveAbility

The Ultimate Wave:

Quality took 40 years to go from being an obscure industrial practice to a widespread business and social change agent. Innovation has taken two decades to become popular, though it is still widely misunderstood, and its twin sister Design has gone global though still remains shallow. Sustainability and CSR have gathered momentum in the past decade, but are only just beginning to be reflected in serious business practice. ThriveAbility integrates these all through radical simplification, to address the growing sustainability gap while empowering flourishing. 

Inevitability of ThriveAbility:

ThriveAbility integrates these diverse approaches through a radical simplification enabled by

•              the emerging science of human flourishing,

•              big data and analytics driving new insights into how to close the sustainability gap,

•              breakthroughs in the art and science of change together with

•              major advances in business design and transformation.

All the factors that are needed for ThriveAbility to take off are in place- the coming wave is inevitable. The only question is how much we are able to shape it and place ThriveAbility at the heart of the wave as a force for thrival.


The March 22-24 Embedding ThriveAbility event is bringing together a small group of pioneers who will shape the future evolution of ThriveAbility. Each brings a set of unique talents and connections that form a core part of the ThriveAbility Consortium’s emerging platform.


The vision of the ThriveAbility Consortium is to create an open global platform that:

a.             becomes the acknowledged way of creating thriving businesses and communities

b.             embeds sustainable value through next generation sustainable innovation and organisational transformation through conscious evolution

c.             radically simplifies and deeply integrates existing methods, practices and tools through the ThriveAbility Consortium

Emerging Roles:

The match between the essential ingredients needed for the take-off of ThriveAbility, and the strengths and capabilities of the individuals and organisations interested is evolving rapidly. Strengths include:

a. The Circular Economy and sustainable industrial, product and building design

b. Systems Thinking, Complexity and Quality

c. Business Strategy, Quality Transformation

d. IT, Business Transformation and Spirituality in Business

e. Social and Cultural Transformation, Communications and Education

f. Renewable Energy, Resilient Communities, Leadership Development

g. Sustainable Futures

Programme Overview:

We will explore how ThriveAbility helps identify the “North Stars” for supply chains and business ecosystems, enabling the emergence of key benchmarks for every stage in the value chain.

You will learn how a thriving world can be co-created by embedding a combination of sustainable technologies, organisational transformation and conscious evolution into today’s businesses, institutions and communities.

We will explain why ThriveAbility has the potential to become the ultimate wave that can close the sustainability gap and deliver a thriving future for us all. You will learn how we can together change the game, rules and goals of business and our major institutions in the process.

The interweaving of ThriveAbility practices and the global Quality, Innovation, Design, Sustainability and CSR movements could transform our ability to co-create a viable future for all of us in the next decade.

2) Why This Seminar?

The ThriveAbility Consortium is a mobilization of like-minds to design, develop and adopt the necessary approaches, decision frameworks and incentives for breakthroughs in sustainable innovation and design. This Seminar is a gathering of this emergent consortium.  Participants will engage in the further refinement and development of the ThriveAbility Template whilst also taking a deep dive into the re-design of your own life and that of your business and/or organisation.  

Learning Objectives

Elaborate on the ThriveAbility Concept using the North Star Approach, and metrics derived from integral sciences. Create the necessary Support systems, metrics and guidelines using a North Star Approach to sustain and deliver implementable business transformations that result in pathways to active engagement in ThriveAbility practice. Learn about necessary tooling that enables ThriveAbility in your organization.

3) Who Should Attend

Decision makers and change leaders curious about the breakthroughs being achieved by organisations applying a new approach centered around ThriveAbility, and who are committed to work with peers for the purpose of discovering how to apply ThriveAbility in their organisation or business.

We also seek leaders in Strategy, HR, Sustainability & CSR, communications, product/service leaders as well as top management representatives and policymakers.

For optimal impact we welcome groups of colleagues from the same organisation looking for new ways to tackle the challenges they face in accelerating their sustainability, CSR, change and innovation efforts.

4) Key Benefits and Outcomes

Find Your Inspiration: work through challenges you currently face progressing sustainability, innovation, CSR, product/service design or other initiatives

A Systemic Model of Green Growth Drivers: explore the drivers that accelerate the transition to a green growth, inclusive economy, enabling you to map out pathways to ThriveAbility

Build on Your Strengths to Catalyse Deep Change: complete a set of Factor 100 change profiles & discover ThriveAbility thinking.

Learn From ThriveAbility Pioneers: meet and work with some of the world’s leading practitioners in sustainable innovation, organisational transformation and integrated reporting.

Become a ThriveAbility Leader: you will learn the fundamentals of integral leadership which integrate key aspects of your organisation’s strategy, culture and operations to more effectively deliver ThriveAbility.

5) Practical Applications

Scanning & Strategy: recognise promising opportunities to create ThriveAble Value Added

Development & Prototyping: scale promising prototypes into ThriveAble products and services

Simplify Processes & Partnerships: conduct fundamental reviews using the ThriveAbility Process to design integrated business models

Leadership: Apply Factor 100 Change and the ThriveAbility Dashboard to review, redesign and transform your organisation

6) Programme Details

Day 1 – Elaboration:  NorthStar Navigation

Megatrends: Beyond Sustainability & Innovation

Integral Alignment

Breakthrough Role Models: Zeronauts

Day 2 – Support : Pathways & Roadmaps

The ThriveAbility Approach

Factor 100 Change

Breakthrough Role Models: Turntoo

Day 3 – Activation: Prototyping & Dashboards

Developing ThriveAble Opportunities

Leadership for ThriveAbility

Breakthrough Role Models: various examples

Summary visualization of the 3-day seminar – a holistic approach to ThriveAbility in 3 layers:

Slide Ralph on 3 day 3 layers visualization V2

[Click on the picture to enlarge]The Thriveability Consortium is thrilled to welcoming you in Perpignan on 22-24 of March! Registration is easy via http://r2meshwork.ning.com/.