Ralph Thurm’s columns in forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften 02/12 and 03/12 now available as pdf (in German language)


Ralph’s column in forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften 02/2012 reflects on this year’s Davos Summit and how it left behind an angry young generation of global shapers. Back at home companies were then busy again with the technocratic logic of rankings and ratings, leaving behind other stakeholders with loads of question marks since the results differ dramatically, just look at Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp evaluations in different rankings. Interestingly enough there is an attempt for a European Sustainability Rating Agency (ESRA – or ENRA in German) that aims to put common welfare first. See the pdf through the following link:

Und was jetzt? Orientierungslosigkeit zwischen Gipfelstürmerei und Rating-Technokratie

Ralph’s just published new column in forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften 03/2012 reflects on the expectations for Rio+20, the value of the ‘green economy’, proposed as the way out of our miseries, and what the minimum requirements need to be to get there. Some of them would have needed governments, which – as we all know now – weren’t able to make commitments. The column, written two months before the summit, seems to already see more voodoo than samba. See what you think:

Samba oder Voodoo nach Rio?