Published columns in ‘forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften’


Since 2009 I am writing a column for ‘forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften’, Germany’s biggest magazine on sustainability, published quarterly in German language. This is a compilation of the links from 2009, I’ll continue to notify my blog readers of new editions as soon as they are available on the internet as well.

This column (in English: ‘Want some more?’) focuses on the long way we still have to go regarding sustainable consumption and our joint behavior. This is examplified by some experiences made during summer vacation 2009, and refleting some of the literature on this partial theme of the problem (and the solution)

This column (in English: ‘Sustainability 2.0’) takes a critical look at the leadership skills needed to initiate sustainability as THE strategic concept for long term success. Ralph advocates for a new type of manager to embrace this challenge. He notes that quite some of the staff that deals with sustainability at the moment lacks the willingness and the ability to go there.

The first column in this series (‘Survival of the fattest’), linked to the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, uses his concept to explain some of the malfunctioning of the capitalist system and its logic as it exists right now. As a result its not the fittest, but the fattest, that survive.

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