A|HEAD|ahead pursues two main areas of work, namely initiating, (co-) founding and supporting the development of global public goods, to be reached under the tab ‚affiliations’, and additional projects in which we bring in specific expertise for the benefit for a single or a group of clients, see the tab ‚own projects’ for that work area. The main focus of A|HEAD|ahead’s work is in sustainable innovation and transformation, sustainability and integrated reporting, sustainability rankings & ratings, as well a system design for a green & inclusive economy.

Ralph’s expertise stems from his broad background of organizations he worked for, and the variety of constituencies. This goes back to his education as an economist in the early 90’s, where he combined economic theory with environmental and societal purpose, his years at Siemens, from 1993 until 2002, where he led the Siemens Sustainability Strategy Council, a first matrix organization of product group and global market representatives under the auspices of the Corporate R&D and Communication centers, developing the first global sustainability strategy for the company. This continued as Director Engagement and later COO of the Global Reporting Initiative (until 2008), and as Director Sustainability & Innovation at Deloitte (until 2012).

Ralph combines know-how from an academic background as well as corporate, non-profits and consulting experience. Knowing and having developed necessary skillsets around the functioning of all of these constituencies, or the disfunctioning as a group of constituencies, allows Ralph to construct necessary global public goods, mainly organized as foundations, and bringing together unique combinations of players for necessary areas that need to be worked on for a green & inclusive economy. Reporting 3.0, the ThriveAbility Foundation and GISR are such affiliations in Ralph’s portfolio.

Own projects stem from Ralph’s advisory capacity, often hired for this specific capacity, combining deep knowledge on the issue with networks and connections. Ralph has more than 5.000 active Linkedin connections, mostly from direct work experience and face-to-face contact. Like not many others Ralph can connect, structure, lead and deliver on projects. Often these projects fall under Non-Disclosure-Agreements. The ‚Zero Impact Growth’ project, commissioned by Deloitte in 2012, falls under this category.


Own Projects

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