ThriveAbility Foundation

The ThriveAbility Foundation is a global public good, collaborating with hundreds of global thought and practice leaders. The Foundation is a company limited by guarantee registered in England. The ThriveAbility Foundation also controls a socially entrepreneurial limited company, ThriveAbility Global Ltd, that delivers the services of the Foundation.

The mission of the ThriveAbility Foundation is to accelerate the emergence of a regenerative inclusive economy through an integral meta-framework for thriveable governance with the capacity to :

  • diagnose the potential of organisations, bioregions and systems to deliver true future value (The ThriveAbility Equation);
  • integrate the initiatives and metrics required to guide their transformation through well defined innovation pathways (The ThriveAbility Approach);
  • deliver an open source ThriveAbility Index to simplify the task of making thriveable investment decisions.

In order to shift mindsets and the paradigms that generate them (the highest leverage points in the system according to Donella Meadows), we need ways of diagnosing and engaging with mindsets and values, to meet people where they are at and influence them in beneficial ways. We also need to assess the ability of an organisation or system/culture to shift, and to appreciate wider spatial and temporal horizons and systemic effects. Finally, this all needs to be contexted within a set of goals that meet the minima of science-based thresholds for social floors and environmental ceilings.

We need to move beyond the hair shirt of sustainability thinking, toward a way of engaging people to care about the thriving of themselves and places and spaces they care about. Human beings are appreciative systems, who are more motivated by imaginative possibilities of fulfilling lives well lived, than they are by stories of just how awful things are going to become if they do not change their ways.

Ralph is a co-founder of the ThriveAbility Foundation, and works with the other members of the leadership team on the implementation of a multi-year business plan, rolling out ThriveAbility in several hundred organizations around the globe. He continues to expand the thinking through masterclasses, continuous networking and writing about the practical benefits of ThriveAbility to move towards regenerative capitalism.