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“Ralph is one of the most “Authentic Leaders” I have ever worked with. His profound insight to Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility themes and his intuitive motivation to think and re-think innovation, makes him to an exceptional thought leader, when it comes to embedding the most complex businesses into the sustainability environment. He is talented to maneuver the sustainability dialogue at the cross road of the strategic and operational trails. He is, indeed, one of the pioneers of Corporate Responsibility Leadership, to whom “pioneership” is not a one-time story but an everyday value and commitment to the sustainable redesign of the business world. I worked with Ralph on various Corporate Sustainability Strategy and Leadership projects with multinationals, and learned with him that Sustainability Leadership is much about: aspiring vitalizing business with a sustainable perspective in a lively multi-stakeholder environment, and innovating business and its environments through the propel of Authentic Leadership.”

Sam Vaseghi

Dr.-Ing., Dipl. Ing., Dipl. Biol. t.o., Deloitte

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

“I have worked with Ralph on and off when Deloitte and TNT collaborated on the creation of an innovative business simulation game. Ralph has an excellent knowledge of sustainability issues and combines this with strong business awareness, a combination so often missing or lacking in depth and alignment. Ralph always did what he said he would do and was very receptive to input. I am honored to write this recommendation and have no hesitation in doing so.”

Dr. Rodney Irwin

Managing Director, Financial Capital Focus Area, World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“I have known Ralph since 2009 when I approached him to be one of the judges of the pioneering Arabia CSR Awards. Since then Ralph has been an anchor for this program and other initiatives of the Arabia CSR Network. His sharp understanding of sustainability and his passion for corporate responsibility are a critical combination that results in a lot of innovative ideas for the business world. I would not be surprised to see Ralph as one of the key professionals in the global sustainability landscape in the near future.”

Habiba Al Marashi

President at Arabia CSR Network, Arabia CSR Network

“Ralph Thurm is one of the great sustainability thinkers of our time. As a thought leader, Ralph usually comes up with practical solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Sometimes his thinking is considered controversial and ahead of his time, yet I have always experienced that in the end, Ralph was right. I recommend Ralph Thurm as he should not only be heard, but most of all, he should be listened to.”
Mark van Rijn

Manager Sustainability, Deloitte Nederland

“Ralph is a visionary practitioner and, dare I say, “educator” in this rapidly-growing field of sustainability, a badge of honor not worn by many. There was a time when few saw the merit in incorporating so-called “intangibles” affecting environmental, social, and governance realms — that is, everything but the numbers — but Ralph did. Nowadays there are many who claim competence, but few can demonstrate it as Ralph can. Many offer solutions to this or that, but Ralph will. He’s highly talented and regarded, and knowing of his work for many years, I can vouch for its excellence. Not only did he participate in the world’s first serious effort to identify the range of factors affecting organizational performance (through his work in the early days of the Global Reporting Initiative) but he also carried forth the mainstreaming of sustainable accountability with his pioneering work at Deloitte, one of the world’s foremost accountancies. His deep and varied experience in responsible economics, both corporate and capital, serves as a dynamic foundation for his continued efforts to identify the complex and overlapping forces affecting organizational behavior while at the same time offering practical strategies for addressing them constructively. Any colleague or client will find him/herself elevated both intellectually and as a practitioner.”
Marcy Murninghan

Founder & President, The Lighthouse Investment Group, The Lighthouse Investment Group

“Ralph is an exceptionally talented sustainable development professional with the ability to see the big picture, engage in the network and deliver inspired recommendations for positive change. It is always a pleasure to work with Ralph. I will certainly seek his advice in my current role where an entire ecosystem is open for change management.”
Hamish Stewart

Interim CFO, Climate KIC