Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings

Launched in June 2011 as a joint project of Ceres and Tellus Institute, both non-profit research and educational entities, the Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR) is a public benefit organization aimed at making financial markets agents of, rather than impediments to, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and broader global sustainability agenda. As a multi-stakeholder initiative with the public interest at its core, GISR’s vision is to transform he definition of corporate value in the 21st century such that markets reward the preservation and enhancement of all forms of capital – human, intellectual, natural, social and financial.

GISR works with investors, companies, ESG research and rating organizations, and civil society organizations to improve worldwide access to high-quality sustainability ratings. GISR does not rate organizations. Instead, through a voluntary accreditation process, GISR will accredit sustainability ratings, rankings or indices on the basis of their alignment with GISR’s 12 Principles.

GISR is governed by a multi-stakeholder Board of Directors. A Secretariat directs the day-to-day activities and has primary oversight of GISR. A Technical Review Committee (TRC) is a multi-stakeholder, global committee that plays a critically important role in shaping and influencing GISR’s strategic objectives. The TRC, in conjunction with the Secretariat, oversees the technical aspects of GISR’s work program, including work within GISR’s Center of Ratings Excellence (CORE). In addition, GISR regularly consults with specialized expertise in areas such as materiality, social performance measurement and sustainability context to ensure its work reflects state-of-the-art science and methodologies.

Ralph works with GISR as their Director Engagement and oversees and develops GISR’s accreditation process, as well as the GISR ESG training program, including 2-day seminars, 1-day workshops (also in-house), conference masterclasses and webinars.