New columns from ‘forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften’ published online


Hereby a couple of recently published columns of ‘Der T(h)urmblick’, my articles in ‘forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften’. Thanks to the editorial team that they put the columns online so that you can follow them. The ‘forum’ is published quarterly (30.000 copies), an English version called ‘forum CSR International’ is published two times a year. Visit for more information about this great magazine.

Here are the last German columns:

‘Kopenhagen – Hopenhagen -Nopenhagen’ looks at the value added of the COP 15 meeting although the summit was surely a disappointment. For me Hopenhagen has given important signals that businesses – luckily and finally now often together with NGOs – have understood that their crucial role in fighting climate change is needed and that the point of no return has passed.

‘Reflexionen zur kommenden ISO 26000 Praxis’ takes rather critical look at the burdensome process of the ISO 26000 ‘Guidance Standard’ development, a painful process full of hickups, lack of expertise (at least in the beginning) and lack of funding to enable a real multistakeholder dialog, something which is the bare minimum for defining ‘social responsibility’. The product – after 6 years and tens of millions of investment later – still needs to undergo the reality check: rather long and expensive to get, it needs to score globally and at companies of all sizes.  To be continued…(sure, since this is ISO’s interest ;-))

And here’s the English column that I wrote for the first English edition of  ‘forum CSR International’ in 2010:

‘Biodiversity and Human  Rights – the next litmus test for the accounting profession’ analyzes the need for the accounting profession to already step into the discussion about the ‘big next thing’ that will have a major impact on how accounting will develop in the future. My plea is to not miss the boat now, but proactively step into the ring and help increase the rigour of the standards, guidelines and the related accounting and assurance processes needed. Yes, it means investment, but it’s worth it!

Enjoy reading, comments are welcome as always!