Leaving the ‘cuddly corner’ – New column published in Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften (in German)


This new column of ‘Der T(h)urmblick’ looks at our distorted picture of what we call ‘innovation’. Looking at it from a sustainability perspective, much of what we usually call innovation just prolongs or even makes some of our urgent problems even worse. Efficiency programs, productivity gains, new product generations – mostly all progress is eaten up by the conditions of these ‘innovations’ or the surrounding rebound effects. We are clapping shoulders because we made more turnover and/or profit, sometimes even think we did something good for the environment or society, but as long as self-created rebound effects or the continued use of old assets aren’t stopping or made obsolete, the impact will still be negative. The blog observes some of the boundary conditions under which we can better assess ‘real sustainable innovation’.