Embedding ThriveAbility – Workshop in Perpignon, June 28-30, 2013


The ThriveAbility Consortium (founded by Renaissance2, A|HEAD|ahead and 5 DEEP) are happy to announce the second ‘Embedding ThriveAbility’ workshop in Perpignon, taking place June 28-30.

A Workshop Where Breakthroughs Become the Norm

You are invited to join an elite executive group learning to design thriving organisations. Through interactive sessions, case studies and expert inputs you will explore how leading organisations are making breakthroughs the norm, transforming sustainability into viability and thriveability. Brought to you by the ThriveAbility Consortium! During three exciting days we will cover the following topics:

  1. Origins of ThriveAbility– What are the roots of ThriveAbility? How does it transcend and include the 40 year heritage it builds on? What do the pioneers of Sustainability have to say about ThriveAbility? Who are the ThriveAbility Pioneers?
  2. Conscious Economy– How fast can we transition from an unsustainable, high stress, linear economy powered by fear, fossil fuels & materialism, to a thriving circular economy powered by caring, renewable energy & conscious enterprise? What role does business design, innovation and the circular economy play in this transition? Why are companies like Coca-Cola, Desso, FLOOW2, iFixit, Ikea Group, M&S, Morrisons, Ricoh, Vestas, WRAP, Turntoo, Renault, National Grid, B&Q, Cisco, BT, Tarkett applying these approaches?
  3. Sustainability to ThriveAbility– What makes ThriveAbility radically different to Sustainability? Why is Flourishing so important, and how are governments and corporations shifting from measuring raw economic outputs to beneficial social and environmental outcomes? Who are the world leaders making the transition from sustainability to thriveability? How are they applying ThriveAbility thinking? What can we learn from InterfaceFlor, Unilever, Philips and other pioneers?
  4. Incremental vs Breakthrough Change and Innovation– Why are breakthroughs now critical, and how can the ThriveAbility Approach help make breakthroughs the norm? Why do handprints now matter as much as footprints? How do companies such as Puma, Steelcase, Nike and Natura apply breakthrough science, activism, culture, finance and economics? How does one go from incremental to Factor 100 change?
  5. Business Models-   How can business design using strongly sustainable organizational models be a force for radical change? What do you need to know to design thriving organisations? How are the three contexts (environmental, socio-technical and financial) integrated with the four perspectives (stakeholders, value, processes and measurement) to ensure sustainability, innovation and thrival are built in to your business?
  6. Beneficial Leadership- Why do existing behavioural change approaches fail to achieve the results expected? How does integral psychology transform the way we go about leading organisations to deliver breakthroughs?  What are the eight levels of change and transformation we need to pay attention to, and how can we measure where our organisation is at? How do we design pathways to future beneficial outcomes based on probabilistic models of change, and integrate this using the ThriveAbility Approach? How can ThriveAbility Thought Leadership move your organisation from the chaordic zone into the bridging zone where breakthroughs become the norm?
  7. Measuring ThriveAbility- Why do we need to move beyond integrated reporting to ThriveAbility reporting and modelling? What are the key sources of big data we need to integrate into our management and reporting systems that will stimulate breakthroughs? How does ThriveAbility help investors and financiers make better decisions using the ThriveAbility Factor? What kinds of dashboards can be developed using the ThriveAbility Approach?
  8. Methods, Frameworks and Tools– why is it critical to fully integrate ThriveAbility into existing strategy, design, quality and innovation frameworks? How can the methods and tools already used in leading organisations provide a solid foundation for breakthroughs? How are ISO9001 /2, 14001/ 26000, EFQM, EOQ, Baldridge and other standards integrated into ThriveAbility? How are disruptive innovation, bottom of the pyramid, cradle to cradle, frugal design, the circular economy and dozens of other excellent approaches embedded in the ThriveAbility Approach?

Download the complete brochure here: Embedding ThriveAbility2- Brochure 28-30 June 2013 Final Registration for the workshop can be done directly at http://r2meshwork.ning.com/