Embedding ‘ThriveAbility’ – a pathway to go beyond sustainability?


So, what will keep A|HEAD|ahead busy in 2013?

When I started this blog 2010 I never thought it’ll be that interesting to so many others. Given the fact that I am not ‘buzzing’ in the same way as other bloggers do and restrict myself to an (once or twice per month) essay-style that simply reflects my own way to structure my thoughts, keeps the group of readers limited – I thought. And was proven wrong. Thousands of hits last year show that there is interest in reading my blogs or using this site as a hub to link through to some ‘More|HEADS|ahead’. Starting my own company and calling it A|HEAD|ahead was more than obvious somewhere in the middle of last year.

Apart from my new contractual setup as Associate Director of the Sustainability Advisory Team at Deloitte  I have used the last months to build an additional portfolio of activities in which I can bring in my expertise and that is even a bit more ‘front-row-oriented’. This has always been what I wanted, as the first head of the Siemens Sustainability Strategy Council in the beginning of this century, as one of the first aligning with GRI and becoming part of the ‘nucleus’ of the GRI Secretariat (now more than 50 people). My full-time Deloitte work in the last four years gave me the chance to connect sustainability and innovation, and has helped to create such things as the Serious Gaming approach or the Zero Impact Growth Monitor, things never done before by a big accounting firm.

So, today I’d like to start with ‘proudly presenting’ one of these great new initiatives (and others will follow soon): The ThriveAbility Consortium, a collaboration between Renaissance2, 5Deep and A|HEAD|ahead: 

While Sustainability and CSR are a step in the right direction, they are largely incremental and failing to deliver the transformations needed for a thriving future. Breakthrough innovations at business model and ecosystem levels must be catalysed by top management through strategy, design and quality processes, to deliver positive impact growth. Investors will only support well thought through, highly measurable initiatives. ThriveAbility is a response to the failure of sustainability to address this psychological challenge, and integrates existing disciplines in creative ways, leading to innovative, game changing outcomes. Personal and organisational transformation is the key to a Thriving Future. What motivates people to change lies at the heart of ThriveAbility. The ThriveAbility approach provides a decision framework for such mind-sets and incentives through offering a deep understanding of ThriveAbility, and will show you how it can be embedded into organisations through Factor 100 Change.

The ThriveAbility Consortium is kicking off its journey with an intimate series of seminars for executives, policymakers and leaders on the topic of Embedding ThriveAbility- Beyond Sustainability, with partners Robin Wood (Renaissance2), Chris and Sheila Cooke (5 Deep), and my organization, together with some of the leading practitioners in the worlds of sustainability, innovation and integral leadership. Let me give you some more background of the first seminar, to be held in the lovely Chateau La Tour Appolinaire in Perpignan:

When and Where?

22-24 March 2013, Chateau La Tour Apollinaire, Perpignan, France.

1.      Why This Seminar?

ThriveAbility provides the approach, decision framework and incentives for breakthroughs in sustainable innovation and design. Take a deep dive with your role models and peers to redesign your business and create a thriving future.

2.      Learning Objectives

  • Define ThriveAbility using a “North Star” approach and metrics derived from integral psychology and the science of human flourishing
  • Create implementable business transformations that result in pathways to ThriveAbility
  • Discover Factor 100 change, and how to deliver it
  • Become a leader capable of aligning diverse stakeholder needs to develop quantifiable business ecosystem visions and pathway

3.      Who Should Attend?

  • Decision makers and change leaders curious about the breakthroughs being achieved by organisations applying a new approach centred around ThriveAbility. Work with your peers to discover how you can apply ThriveAbility in your organisation or business.
  • Leaders in Strategy, HR, Sustainability & CSR, communications, product/ service leaders as well as top management representatives and policymakers
  • For optimal impact we welcome groups of colleagues from the same organisation looking for new ways to tackle the challenges they face in accelerating their sustainability, CSR, change and innovation efforts.

4.      Key Benefits and Outcomes

  • Find Your Inspiration: work through challenges you currently face progressing sustainability, innovation, CSR, product/service design or other initiatives.
  • A Systemic Model of Green Growth Drivers: explore the drivers that accelerate the transition to a green growth, inclusive economy, enabling you to map out pathways to ThriveAbility.
  • Build on Your Strengths to Catalyse Deep Change: complete a set of Factor 100 change profiles & discover ThriveAbility thinking.
  • Learn From ThriveAbility Pioneers: meet and work with some of the world’s leading practitioners in sustainable innovation and organisational transformation.
  • Become a ThriveAbility Leader: you will learn the fundamentals of integral leadership which integrate key aspects of your organisation’s strategy, culture and operations to more effectively      deliver ThriveAbility.

5.      Practical Applications

  • Scanning & Strategy: recognise promising opportunities to create ThriveAble Value Added
  • Development & Prototyping: scale promising prototypes into ThriveAble products and services
  • Simplify Processes & Partnerships: conduct fundamental reviews using the ThriveAbility Process to design integrated business models
  • Leadership: Apply Factor 100 Change and the ThriveAbility Dashboard to review, redesign and transform your organisation

6.      Programme Details

Day 1- ThriveAbility: NorthStar Navigation

¨  Megatrends: Beyond Sustainability & Innovation

¨  Integral Alignment

¨  Breakthrough Role Model 1 (t.b.a.)

Day 2   Pathways & Roadmaps

¨  The ThriveAbility Approach

¨  Factor 100 Change

¨  Breakthrough Role Model 2 (t.b.a.)

 Day 3- Prototyping & Dashboards

–  Developing ThriveAble Opportunities

¨  Leadership for ThriveAbility

¨  Breakthrough Role Model 3 (t.b.a.)

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THERE IS AN EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT OF €200 FROM NOW UNTIL 31 JANUARY 2013 (use the link above to register)

Join us from 22-24 March 2013 and become part of a transformative conversation that will help embed sustainable innovation and profound change in our organisations and economies.

Stay tuned for more updates on ThriveAbility here and on the Renaissance2 website! If you have further questions you can also reach me by email at ralph.thurm@kpnmail.nl