Der T(h)urmblick 1/2013 – Denial is not an option anymore (a 2012 year in review summary)


Dear readers, welcome back in 2013. I’ll kick off this year with a new edition of ‘Der T(h)urmblick’, just published in Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften 1/2013. Again, this is in German, but in essence this column summarizes my idea that 2012 has been a turning point in which sustainability reached the collective mind of people on this planet. I am looking at the effects of Rio+20, and although heavily criticized, this conference to me marks the beginning of the end of capitalism as we knew it, if – and only if – we seriously analyze what we meant by uniformally asking for a green & inclusive economy. I am also looking at the more and more shared view that debt is the essence of most of the malfunctioning of the existing economies (this time not focusing on true costs, true prices and true taxation ;-)). Finally, as a true believer in the power of transparency I again claim that reporting – if we are able to finally close the sustainability context gap by adding micro-macro-links into the indicator systems we develop – is a valuable driver of change, with integrated reporting (and as intermediate step GRI G4) needing to prove its potential. Thanks to all that followed me in 2012, I hope that you will experience my 2013 blog entries as useful as in 2012. Many thousands of clicks last year can’t prove wrong, right?

See: FNW_2013_01_Thurm