Context, please! Ralph’s column in edition 3/2013 of ‘forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften’


Here’s the pdf of the (German) article ‘Kontext bitte’ of the ‘forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften’, edition 3/2013.


Why is Novo Nordisk’s newest integrated annual report tackling growth? Because they have to, it’s the context to their business model, and embracing the idea of a ‘Grenn & Inclusive Economy’ is core to them. Why is the Shell report missing enough context and get a clear ‘warning signal’ by their External Review Committee (while being famous for their scenarios)? Because they still don’t get how much is at stake in a rather short amount of time and they just neglect that a ‘Green & Inclusive Economy’ needs to be built without fossils; defenders of a certain faith just move as much as they’re absolutely forced to, unfortunately. So, will GRI G4, the IIRC and the approaches of SASB and GISR (to name a couple of new kids on the block) catalyze some of that change towards more context in reporting? Chances are they could be part of the solution as macro-micro benchmark information will become the ultimate litmus test of useful, context-based and satisfying information for all stakeholders. We need to start asking for that information. What is your right to exist today, and in the future? Did you ever have the idea that this – most important – question has been answered in a sustainability or integrated report you read recently? Novo Nordisk is close, Shell not, so my investment strategy is clear…