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The Corona Chronicles

About the Book

The Corona Chronicles by Ralph Thurm is not only a book about hope, but also a ‘how to’ guide to learn from the COVID-19 crisis. Seeing this crisis as a window on what is still to come, be that an economic crisis, ecological crisis, biodiversity crisis, or ultimately an existential crisis for humanity, it offers profound thoughts, patterns and solutions of how to manage and develop a ‘New Normal’ together.

The book spans from assessing the root causes of COVID-19, to developing a new understanding of our individual and collective responsibilities for and to each other, and finishes by sketching the idea of a regenerative and distributive economy based on the correct understanding of wellbeing and love. Ralph carries us through many of the stereotypes we will need to let go of, and other ideas we need to adopt in the development of this ‘New Normal’.

This book is also a very personal and contemporaneous log of feelings, desires, fears and frustrations. It is this personal connection that means it should make it to the top of your reading list, delving deeper into what we are and who we need to be as individuals and as humans on this, our Planet Earth. The bottom line is that our lives depend on making crucial decisions this decade, so let this book be a guide, compendium, and an inspiration for your own role in this journey.


The Cover Photo:

The photo on the cover of this book is part of the ‘village of stilts’, an art project at the ‘Pettemer Zeewering’, a newly created natural reserve and beach in the Netherlands, constructed so that it can withstand current and future climate change effects. The art project was a gift from the project’s contractors, Van Oord-Boskalis, to the nearby village of Petten, Noord Holland. It represents ten houses and a church that were destroyed and washed away by the sea several hundred years ago. The area is covered with water during high tide but is accessible walkable during low tide. It represents resilience and the need for strong foundations in times of constant change, able to set us on the right path for a ‘New Normal’ that will evolve during and after COVID-19.

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Podcasts and Webcasts about the Book

Podcast “Sustainability Explained”

Webcast “Sustainability Explained”

Webcasts “Perspectivist”

Webcast “Rethinking Economics”

Book Reviews

Jean-Philippe Steeger

Jean-Philippe Steeger


“The Corona Chronicles by Ralph Thurm is a book that comes at the right time, inviting us to look at ourselves in the mirror and dare dream bigger. At a truly exceptional moment in history, it is an attempt to bring together his personal experience with developments at global scale…” Read review here 


Martijn Veening

Martijn Veening

EntropoMetrics, The Netherlands

“The ‘Corona Chronicles’ provides a coherent view of the state of
Western civilisation, while it reads like an accessible series of
musings. Ralph shows how the Corona-crisis shines a light on the
actual global crises at hand and how we got here. It is all about
sustainability, regeneration and thriving , and how to think about it
properly. In this era where our Western economic personality needs ‘to
break out and then break through’, a lot of resistance emerges,
sometimes disguised as greenwashing. But Ralph’s realism on this
subject is without compromise, thanks to his decades of experience in
the field and his common sense. The Corona Chronicles provide a lot of
informative context, history and practice on ‚sustainability‘ and
beyond, and guidance through this transition.
As such, perhaps the biggest achievement of the book is that it
provides realistic optimism in a time where cynicism can be tempting
even for the most constructive personalities. I really enjoyed the
read, and the pictures! It is one of those books that will be picked
up regularly again.“

Judith Kline White

Judith Kline White

Author, Autumns of Our Joy and The New Worlds of Isabela Calderon, United States

“In his recently released, instructive and optimistic book, The Corona Chronicles, leading expert in sustainability and transformation, Ralph Thurm, outlines a way forward for humans to thrive on our shared Mother Earth.    With flowing prose that outlines what Ralph refers to as “The New Normal” and multiple bright, inspiring graphics, he leads the reader to embrace his vision of well-being and love. Informative, but never preachy, Ralph engages and involves the reader – even providing space for us to jot down our thoughts and thus become part of the life- and planet-saving process he envisages and encourages.”

Said Elias Dawlabani

Said Elias Dawlabani

Author, Memenomics

“Ralph Thurm is a rare voice that speaks to our highest aspirations. In the developmental model that is at the heart of my work, his book belongs on a rare shelf reserved for those who know wha ails our planet and what needs to be done methodically to save it. The narrative moves seamlessly between the old an dthe new, the non-sustainable and the thrive-able

It’s full of heartfelt accounts of how an anomaly like the Corona Virus can accelerate change into that new normal we so desperately need. The colorful pictures and the quotes compliment this master peice that schould be in every library of every thinker who takes climate change seriously.

I was fortunate enough to have Ralph send me a personally inscibed copy with the last words of his inscrioption that schuld be the ultimate call to action by those who wish to make thriving planet a reality: “Positive Mavericks nite!” This is ecactly the type of leadership we need to save our planet. Thank you Ralph for your leadership and for your love for humanity.”


Dr. Laura Bechthold

Dr. Laura Bechthold

“Last week, I finally took the time to read the latest book by my former boss, colleague and mentor, Ralph Thurm – „The Corona Chronicles“. Ever since we first met in 2012, Ralph remains one of – if not the – most forward-thinking and holistic sustainability experts I know. He wrote the book during the first wave of the pandemic, but it is much more than a mere documentation about what happened last year. Rather, it is a very condensed observation and reflection on the current state of the world from a sustainability lens, its impacts on human and planetary wellbeing, and solutions on what to do about it…” Read the whole review here


Amazon Book Reviews


Ralph is genuine pioneer and leader in the field of sustainability, and also a great pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to co-creating the ThriveAbility movement with him.

Dr. Robin Wood

Founder ThriveAbility Foundation

“I have enormously enjoyed working with Ralph on the concept of ‘zero impact growth,’ including participating in the first Zeronauts Symposium which he organised in Rotterdam. He brings an unusual combination of the professional, the entrepreneurial and the cross-cultural to tough business challenges. I look forward to working with him in 2013 and beyond.”

John Elkington

Co-founder & Executive Chairman, Volans (Volans Ventures Ltd

“Ralph is among those at the cutting-edge of sustainability management, who fully understand the importance of measuring, managing and reporting organizational performance in terms of social and ecological thresholds in the world (i.e., instead of ignoring them). His associated grasp of ‘sustainability context’ as a core principle in sustainability management places him at the forefront of the field. He is every bit a thought leader in this regard, with the capacity to facilitate real progress in the sustainability performance of both organizations and commerce in general. Ralph is a valued colleague of mine whose opinions on this subject I deeply respect.”

Mark McElroy, PhD

Management consultant, innovator and award-winning author, Founder & Executive Director Center for Sustainable Organizations Thetford Center, VT